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>> hundreds of protesters shut down three bart's stations after a recent shooting by a bart police officer. >> an update on the forecast with james fletcher. >> here is the james lick free will looking back at san francisco. low cloud cover and fog. morning clouds, drizzle and coastal fog, all of that,
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particularly in the east bay. sfo is showing delays of almost two hours. >> red are no delays getting to sfo this morning. moderate-light traffic around the bay area. here at the bay bridge toll plaza, a wind advisory and minor back up a westbound. i will have a look at the rest of your commute coming up. seven >> 01 a.m.. police are investigating what caused an suv to smash into a fire house in san mateo. if there is a damaged door. jackie sissel is out there live this morning talking to investigators and a firemaen. >> this is probably the fastest
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response time that the san mateo fire department has ever had. they did not even have to open their doors. the accident came to them. i am outside of engine 27 in san mateo. it started over here on westbound 92, a car traveling westbound was exiting de anza and came across four lanes of traffic and plowed into the door at station 27. let's take a look at the video from last night. the white s u b was part inside of the station. no one inside the station was injured. there was minor damage to the trucks and a little bit of the inside the big damage was outside. the occupants of the vehicle were both treated and taken to a nearby hospital. their injuries are not life-threatening and they are expected to be fine. according to officials out here, alcohol may have played a role in this. toxicology tests are upcoming. the big question is
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how are they going to get these firetrucks out. the door is sealed shut with plywood. >> jackie, thank you. >> pollen believe this was to addition, the california state university system, tuition may be going up again, the board of trustees is set to vote on another tuition hike to counteract a $650 million cut in funding from the state. the board is considering raising undergraduate tuition for 12% for this coming fall. that is on top of a 10% increase already put into effect for the 23 campus state system. because that would mean tuition would increase to 5000 for under $72. that is a $588 increase. that does not include rome (board.
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>> pg&e is not looking to settle out of court regarding lawsuits filed by dozens of victims after the san bruno pipeline explosion. here is video of that blast from september 9th. will tran is live in san bruno with more from pg&e working to fight the lawsuits presented against them. >> they want to present this to a jury trial. they want this to go to trial. in the trial that plan to present arguments including that the victims might have played a role in this explosion. we are right up the hill from where the crater is. the 1/4 entire neighborhood was rocked. the area looks pretty much the same. here is video that we got in the days and weeks after the explosion. not only did eight people get killed, 38 homes were destroyed and other homes partially damaged. pg&e did not go into
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detail as to exactly how the victims might have played a role in the explosion, but they did say a third party partially to blame. san bruno is thinking that perhaps they are blaming san bruno because they took part in a 2008 sewer pipeline replacement but that had nothing to do with gas pipelines. how hot they are outraged by that and outraged that vermont speedy came out and said yes, it is our fault. we even took out a full-page ad asking victims anywhere between 15,000 and $50,000 to help them rebuild. coming up later we will try to get interviews with victims as well as pg&e, not to mention the city of san bruno. over >> 7:05 a.m.. here is a look at
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the weather and traffic this morning. we are in the midst of a cool down. >> on the golden gate bridge we have fought not only here but along a grid of peninsula as well. right now the default is stretching into the east bay. it is not very dense but it is widespread. a low cloud cover. by 10:00 a.m. it will pull back a little. by 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon it will pull back to san francisco and coastline. by 8:00 p.m. the fall
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pushes back. as we have to overnight hours a low cloud cover becomes widespread. pork here is where temperatures are at the moment. here are your current temperatures. this afternoon temperatures should fall along these lines. here are your highs for today. your 7 day forecast shows that the cooling trend will be with us for the rest of the week. it is not until next week until we return
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to 90 degree weather. that is your weather. how is traffic? >> traffic is not too bad although we see a build up on the bay bridge toll plaza. that is our only delayed. 580 is slow, and a state for is low. where are no hot spots this morning. we are incident free. the key to aid the approach is not backed up at all. this back up regis to the 80 over crossing. in some lanes it will be slow coming over from interstate 580. no problems reported. it appears that the meeting the lights are being cycled at a good rate. on the san mateo bridge, we are not tracking any hot spots. looking at the ride on 92 and foster city, this is the counter flow commute headed back towards a word. both are moving at about the same speed. the golden gate bridge is a problem free with no
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delays from marin county. chloride through marin county is also good self found. we updated transit, bart is not experiencing any delays. there are no problems reported for the ride on caltrain either. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> >> is disrupting service game good wayne to hold the agency responsible for the shooting of
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an armed man? here is what one viewer thought. >> >> jaycee lee dugard was held hostage for 18 years and a home and antioch. her book comes out today, entitled a stolen life. in the book are details never released to the public before and during her time in captivity asked the look and nancy garrido kept her for 18 years. garrido fathered two children with j.c.. she was so
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young. she talks about what it was like in her first television interview on sunday with diane sawyer. she also talked about how she coped with years of sexual abuse into giving birth at the age of 14 to a baby girl. coming up at 730 a m. we will hear from another of phillip garrido victims. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> temperatures right now are in the '50s. 101 is really getting out of that. this afternoon temperatures will get up into the '70s. there will be no 80's. that is the trend as we enter the 7 day forecast. there are no 90s this week. next week, that changes and we get back into a normal trend with inland locations getting into the mid- 90s. the time is 718 a m.
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>> the 580 corridor approach is a little heavy this morning. it is already backed up beyond 880 westbound although we have an incident free at the upper deck. this is still a very good approach to the bridge and it is a pretty lake westbound ride. hi the san mateo bridge is a problem free. there are no delays in either direction. there are no wind advisories although there was in the early morning hours on the san francisco oakland bay bridge. on the golden gate, 101 softbound, steady volume but no problems across the span. derived from iran is not bad either. 101 northbound is still a good ride from the guadalupe parkway heading towards a hours. --
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bowers. >> you're right on the dumbarton bridge, 84 is clear from the nimitz. the nimitz looks good through the milpitas corridor heading south from a word. fremont, union city and hayward are all a good ride. >> the half-brother of afghan president on the cars that was shot dead in his home in camden part. hamid karzai the provincial council chief was killed by his own bodyguards. president karzai says his half brothers assassination or flexes suffering of the afghan people. he was a major u.s. contact in the region. >> the first of two funeral services from 84 is being held in a few hours in southern california. michelle obama, rosalynn carter, nancy reagan and hillary clinton along with the former president bill clinton are among those who will
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be in attendance. those services begin at 11:00 a.m., in just a couple of hours. maria shriver will also be there. a's second funeral service will be held on thursday in michigan or gerald ford is very. betty ford died and 93 on friday. >> live pictures into the kron 4 news room of the final space shuttle walk. we have been following these pictures all morning long. the astronauts are fixing a pump and will also do a robot experiments. this is the final space walk of the entire shuttle era. we will be right back.
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>> a dramatic end to a one hour car chase in los angeles last night. the policeman on the s u b and do a bid to maneuver her to have the guide police say no one was hurt. >> we have more information about the shooting along the jogging trail and pittsburgh. the shooting happened before midnight. east bay park police say a 14 year-old boy was drinking alcohol with a friend
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on the delta to hands a trail. it appears that one of the two fired a stolen gun into the ear. it is unclear if the gunmen shot himself or was shot by his friend. this is the third shooting on the trail in the last two months. >> in hayward the family of missing nursing student michelle le are increasing her room or hoping to find her. that is 46 days ago that she was last seen. the report is now at $1,000 for hayward police are treating her disappearance as a homicide. >> the u.s. coast guard will continue their search for those 70 area men who are missing after their boat capsized over a week ago. the coast guard completed their seventh search using a c-130 plane. they have
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surged over 1700 square miles but no sign of the missing men. they have surged over 53 - mils of
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>> 101 south of on the golden great, traffic is a moderate but there are no problems on the span. or the quantity in walnut creek things are definitely starting to slow down in the southbound direction. this is a fairly typical pattern to see heavy traffic into aloe out of walnut creek. the backup typically starts here around south main street in the southbound direction. we have this incident free through the san ramon valley. i do not think it is an unusual delay. certainly is slow ride. for your commute on highway 8 westbound coming down to lower east shore freeway, a great drive * from
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hercules to berkeley. >> knock new this morning we are hearing from another rape victim of phillip garrido. cady hall is the first rape victim of phillip garrido. she is talking about how authorities assured her that it would contact her when garrido was released in the '70s, but that never happened. instead, they're really got out and tractor down in a casino where she worked. >> i walked out of the federal parole offices in oakland's thinking, i am scared to death,
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who do i tell? he tracked me down, everything started clicking, his voice, everything. i ended up quitting my job and i moved. when i knew that he would do this to someone else some day. i can only describe the feeling as just missing a fatal accident. you pull over and start shaking. >> the victim there also says that she was terrified that garrido would find her or attack another woman. she was very upset when she learned about the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. on friday a judge released a new revue that showed parole agent did not properly monitored garridos during the time that he held to guard capt. garrido and his wife nancy both played guilty of kidnapping j.c. and both are serving sentences in prison. garrido, four to 31 years, his wife nancy, 36-life. >> the time is 7:39 a.m., we are
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back with more of a couple of minutes. a live look outside of san francisco.
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>> reports say that " the cia ran a phoneme vaccination program in the town in pakistan
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and where they believed the family of the osama bin laden was living to obtain it for dna information. the doctor who ran the program has been arrested because of his suspected collaboration with the united states. and meanwhile in pakistan, news of a suspected missile attack has killed 13 militants in that country. for the strengths of with the u.s. suspension of military aid because of strained ties that are in part due to these missile attacks. pakistan's reluctance to target afghan militants has been one of the main sources of tension with the united states. >> police have beefed up their presence outside the u.s. and french embassies one day after pro-government supporters attacked the compounds. windows were broken and both embassies to protest a visit by american and french ambassadors by the opposition stronghold. the french foreign ministry says
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that three foreign ministers work injury. " syrian forces are being accused of too slow to appear when to respond rare and thereby not abiding by their obligations to protect those on diplomatic missions. her have the 2012 olympics security level is perhaps expected to be raised. the olympics minister said today that the planning assumptions for the games is that the threat level will be that severe. >> i am justine waldman live in the kron 4 news room. president obama and congressional leaders will meet again today to continue talks about debt. secretary of treasury of tin miners spoke out about what is going on and now pushing for a deal to raise the debt ceiling. he wants it by the end of the week. >> congress hopefully will pass
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an increase in the debt limit before the proper default. failure is not an option. default is not an option. need to move in advance to the deadline that we face. of >> for those of you counting at home, august 2nd is 22 days away. the u.s. could begin defaulting on its debt is the deadline is not met. >> all eyes on bay area weather and traffic. james fletcher has more. >> we have a look is from our james lick camera course and is a foggy and cloudy and causing problems at sfo. one hour 52 minute arrival delays into that airport. oakland and san francisco are looking good at
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the moment. capital-letter or this afternoon partly cloudy. the sun will come out and we will be cooler than yesterday's. inland temperatures, low-mid- 70s. let's find out when the fall will be leaving the east bay, and getting more sunshine out there. by 2:00 p.m. the cloud cover will hold back enough that at least the eastern shore will be freed. parkwith te wind is also a factor. 10 mobs are sustained winds at sfo. --
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and 10 mi. per hour sustained it wins at sfo. " with temperatures at the moment are still in the '50s. antioch at 57, we just updated numbers for you. we are still fairly confined to the '50s. '60s and '70s come this afternoon. 60 degree weather in san rafael upon 70 degree weather for the east bay. along the coast it will be cool. here is your 7 day forecast. a cooling trend will continue into the forecast will sound like a broken record. or it will be the same thing over and over until saturday and sunday when we warm things up considerably in land and then welcome back summertime weather was 90 degree temperatures next week. 752 a m.
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>> we have been enjoying a pretty good ride around the bay area but that could be changing on interstate 580. we're getting word of a stalled big raid on north lynn road or and 580 been pretty slow already. that could turn into a hot spot. right now, the bay bridge as we start our and he grinned attacked 4580 a and 80. this 880 approach has backed up a bit more as has the 580 approach coming from the bridge. slow from just before the p 80 over crossing. no incidents reported. the san mateo bridge is a problem free. on the dumbarton bridge we're getting rid of an accident westbound. tsks said golden gate bridge ride, no problems. still an easy ride through marin county. the james lick south to
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the airport should take about 18 minutes. 754 a m, we will take a break anza the kron 4 morning news will have more when we return. her
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>> a quick reaction, you can see the man going over the side and his friends grabbing him. he would have fallen 20 ft. below towards the pool. his momentum carried him headfirst over the railing. he was reaching over to catch a third. thankfully his friends pulled him to safety. that happened on the same day that the firefighter who passed away out of texas was very. >> we are back with more in a couple of minutes. a live look outside of the golden gate
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>> de genie wants to go to trial against those filing a lawsuit against them because of the explosion. >> a recent fatal shooting by bart police caused a protest. the kron 4 news at 8:00 a.m. starts now. >> or good morning. thank you for joining us on this tuesday july 12th. the top stories in eight minutes. first, a quick look at weather and traffic. >> here is a live look from our roof camera showing overcast conditions over the city of san francisco. san francisco international airport is seen delays. morning clouds, and
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drizzle and coastal called for a part of the weather. today's temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. expect inland highs to not bring in the '70s at all. breezy conditions as well. the wind will be picking up. drizzle, the conditions and wind. a full look at your forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. >> traffic is much better than the weather it seems. we are not tracking any hot spots. there are no hot spots in the forecast either. on the bay bridge a moderate to back up. the worst is the approach from interstate 580 which is low in the middle lanes as far back as west grand ave. i will have a complete check straight ahead. >> new this morning police are investigating a crash of an suv that went into this firehouse in san mateo. you can see the
8:03 am
damage to one side. another drug is able to get out. jackie sissel is alive. our solo reporter. >> we are going to have to replace the door. i just spoke with the capt. area inside edition 27. in the door is completely destroyed and will have to be replaced. you can see cracks on the side. you can see the impact that must have occurred when the suv slammed into this last night. 4 let me show you everything started. poughkeepsie care where the park, someone was coming down the offramp candle went through four lanes of traffic and slammed into the door a station 27. we have a video of what that both like last night around 11:00 p.m. when the incident occurred. the suv firmly planted through the door of station 27. when i was told that there were four fire fighters inside the building when the incident happened. none
8:04 am
of them or hurt to cure according to the captain he had just walked by the door if you seconds before impact. hugh was not hurt. the garage door took the brunt of the damage. minor damage to one of their trucks. that is a reserve truck parked on the other side of the garage. squaw and their root horse no one inside was hurt. both passengers had minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital and expected to be fine. we're told by investigators that alcohol may have played a role in this. well
8:05 am
peridot >> diandre errors. there is the on ramp. it hit eros orleans in drafting. roman yards or so. their witness did months. if all the leverage is did not operate as a liaison to the door. if >> and door great for them. >> another story we are falling, it will supply pg&e will not be settled in the distance of several pipeline bias. she passed senate will be via colossus filed by a business in the explosion the results beat people last september. hot will tran is live in san bruno with what he de anyone to do. >> they want to have a jury trial anza allow jurors to decide if they are liable for this. for months, they apologize
8:06 am
for the explosion. here is the neighborhood congress above where the explosion happened. not much has changed. here is a video that we got in the days and weeks after the explosion. pg any is now coming out and saying that they are not completely at fault here. they're blaming a third party, more specifically blaming the victims for having this explosion happened. they are not going into details as to how the victims caused this explosion but you can imagine the outrage that this has caused. we managed speak to a woman whose home was not just damage, but destroyed. she said she found out the news as well and in just talking to her she could only get a few words out of her mouth before she started tearing up. she said, how dare they do that? she is also getting support from the city of san bruno because they believe that pg&e was playing
8:07 am
along. they had nine months to decide one way or another. now they're coming out and saying the victims are to blame. they are outraged. it would have been better had the unique set a third party was responsible and left it out that. but to save the victims are somehow to blame they say is too much. coming up at 8:30 a.m., more pictures from the neighborhood as well as an interview from this woman, you do not want to miss it. very emotional. >> we will speak to you then. a >> the bart police review committee meeting will meet this morning to discuss the officer involved shooting that happened over a week ago at the civic center station in san francisco. yesterday's protesters gathered condemning the shooting of a 45 year-old charles bill. he died on the platform there at the civic center. 100 protesters gathered yesterday afternoon. look at this video, one of the protestors tried to get on top of the board to train. powell in
8:08 am
the sixteenth street stations as well as the civic center station closed down because of the protesting. they have all cents a reopens. one man was arrested for public intoxication. >> this has been a heavily discussed topic on our facebook fan page. we ask is disrupting service at -- at the peak of the canoe was an effective way of holding it b eight is accountable of shooting an unarmed man. here is what one viewer said. for
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>> possibly 80 degrees near santa rosa. everywhere else will be in the low-mid-70s with a '50s and '60s around the immediate bay and coastline. another chilly and breezy day. the rest of the week is kind of the same. morning fog, cooler afternoon's end of the fall returning overnight until we get to friday and saturday. we will start to warm up by the weekend. more on that to come. >> it has been a pretty good ride most of the morning. we had a very early morning hot spots in san francisco. since that has cleared with no residual effects we have enjoyed a pretty good ride even 580 which i was concerned about, the last report mentioned that there was a stalled a big rig. that has been
8:20 am
cleared, traffic is sluggish but is not a hot spot. on the bay bridge, the traffic backup has not been too bad, right around the 800 over crossing. on the san mateo bridge it has been crowded coming over on 92 from 8 d but no major problems. there are no big delays through hayward and a problem free ride on the bridge. the community through marin county headed down to the golden gate bridge has if you sluggish spots but it has been incident free and no hot spots. moderate traffic flow on the span. gail look at san jose parra, the right on 101 is slowing just north of the guadalupe parkway as to head towards the montague expressway. the ride into santa clara from downtown san >> jose. new this morning the
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half-brother of afghan president karzai was shot to death in his home in count of art. state leaders say on that karzai, the prevents open council chief was killed by his own bodyguard. president karzai says his half brothers assassination reflects the suffering of all afghan people. he was a major u.s. contacts in the region. >> the first of two funeral services for betty ford is being held in southern california. michelle obama, rosalynn carter, nancy reagan and hit rodham clinton will be there in palm desert. former president bill clinton had planned to fly from new york to be there as well but where were mechanical problems on the ground into the plane could not take off. services are at 11:00 a.m. in palm desert. former first lady of california maria shriver is supposed to be there as well. a second funeral service will be held on thursday in michigan. that is where
8:22 am
gerald ford is buried. 84 died at the age of 93 on friday. >> and he were the family of this missing nursing student is increasing the reward for her return. michelle le was last seen leaving kaiser hospital 46 days ago. the reward for information in the case is $100,000. family and volunteers of insurgent rural areas for any signs of michelle. another surge will happen on friday. hayward police are treating her disappearance as a homicide. >> , new details in the sudden death of a santa rosa teenager, authorities said alcohol was likely the factor in her the 14 year-old son death. she and three friends drank vodka mixed with soda during a sleepover over the weekend. around 2:00 a.m. on sunday worked the girl'' mothers will go to town to of the gas vomiting. they thought it was food poisoning. the mother cleaned them up and sent them back to bed. at 9:00 a.m.
8:23 am
after paramedics arrived, the teenager was declared dead on the scene. we spoke to her best friend about her death. >> she was not the kind of person you expect to do that kind of stuff. i thought they were joking. she was not like that. i thought it was a spur of the moment thing. there she was a straight a student, a really good person. when she was always really happy. what have these people i have met. the one that watches over you to make sure that you make the right choices. she was an all-around great friend. she was the one i could trust of all of my friends. >> the sheriff's department say it is unclear if the parents will face charges. >> 823 a m, we are back with more and a couple of minutes.
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>> no one was hurt during the one hour police chase that ended with a crash. >> a heated by israel from georgia to connecticut. temperatures throughout the region expected in the upper 90s " with humidity it feels like the 105 degrees. this is video of people in arkansas trying to get cool. the extreme heat has played much of the midwest and south could continue for most of the week and maybe beyond that.
8:28 am
>> in that extreme and hopes to amass a condo fire broke out in amino new jersey just west of new york city. more than 100 firefighters were battling the blaze yesterday but it got so intense that they have to swap out, and temperatures near 100 degrees. several firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion. everyone in the condo was able to get out safely. >> we have a new sweepstakes to tell you about. rather hot creek of people to win and one of 10 " you readers. visit our facebook are hot page to enter. paid 20 a.m.. we are back with more news weather and traffic after the break.
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>> you're getting emotional. there are reminders all over the place. the heads are very fresh. >> it is very fresh. the neighborhood is rebuilding. it is exciting. my house is getting
8:34 am
built. it is good and bad because you feel bowls. >> more reaction coming up are at 9:00 a.m.. pg&e says perhaps san bruno pave a role in this because the commission is to or pipeline replacement that had nothing to do it with the gas line pipeline but they believe that might have weakened the pipeline.
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>> this is probably the smallest response time, the, the incident came to them. and started over here on highway 92. you can see the traffic going by. a car coming off of the offramp ii the intersection and went over four lanes of traffic. here is video from last night. if the incident happened around 11:00 p.m.. court hot blouse on gibbons of
8:39 am
the vehicle were taken to the hospital and injuries are not life-threatening. according to investigators on alcohol may have played a role in this. the toxicology results of our outstanding still the and they will have to do those before they make a determination. for the most part of the door is completely ruined. they will have to take this out and replace it to. luckily this is not the side were the main drug comes in and out. that is a reserved truck that they have on standby next to the door. city officials are going to have to come to replace the door. luckily no one was hurt. we will be right back >> as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> it looked at the sunshine coming down in the east bay. we are not seen any of that around san francisco, there is too much fog and cloud cover. in the san ramon valley the sun is making an appearance. but 56 in concord, 70 buy lunch. 74 is a high for a return because this afternoon. a complete look at your bay area forecast coming out in about five minutes. >> pastime is 8:43 a.m.. the memoir of jaycee lee dugard comes out right now, the young woman kidnapped from the top hole and held hostage for 18 years in antioch. her book comes out today about what she winter. it is titled a skill in life. there are new details that she never shared with anyone. she did have her first television interview with diane sawyer and explained how she coped with sexual abuse that she endured for years at the hands of phillip garrido and what it was like to give birth care to the
8:44 am
two children that he fathered with her. she was as young as 14 when she gave birth to her first daughter. what are also hearing from phillip garrido's first victim, cady calloway halt talks about how she was assured by authorities appearance. opera that and try that again, she talked about how she was a third her short authorities would contactor when garrido was set free. instead he got out and tractor down in 1988 at a casino where she worked in >> everything was clicking a second by second as he talked to me. the voice, his hands, you look at me in and said i have not had a cocktail and 11 years, katie. at that point i wanted to scream. i could not believe they were saying, yes he wanted to do it again, their exact words
8:45 am
were he is a sick puppy, they did not think you would come out of me. i walked out of the federal parole offices thinking, i am scared to death. now, who do i tell. i cannot go to the police. who do i tell? when do i do? i went home, quit my job and moved. does he was the person who kidnapped me, look what he did. i knew that he would do this to someone someday. i can only describe the feeling it as just missing a fatal accident. you pull over and start shaking. >> callaway hall says she was terrified that garrido would find her and attack other women. she was upset when she learned about this kidnapping jaycee dugard. a judge released a review that showed parole agents did not properly monitored garrido during the time that he was holding jaycee captive. garrido and his wife nancy both pleaded guilty to kidnapping
8:46 am
hoax jaycee dugard and they are in prison now. the time now is 8:46 a.m.. we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>> let's talk about the debt and what is happening on capitol hill. democrats want to see an end for tax rate for wealthy americans. if republicans want to see cuts in spending before a deal is reached. john maynard spoke about the situation, let's listen to what he had to say. the >> my message to the white house over the past several months has been simple. the spending that has to be larger than the increase in the debt ceiling. there are no tax increases on the table and thirdly we have to have real controls in place to make sure that this never happens again. >> those were, the house speaker made a few moments ago. the president and congressional leaders will meet again for more
8:50 am
negotiations. they face in august 2nd a deadline before the country defaults on its loans. >> new details as wants california voters to decide whether to overturn a new law that forces online retailers to collect sales tax. in a petition filed friday, the requirement was included in the state budget signed in june by the governor. that new part of the law forces on-line retailers to collect california sales tax if they have any physical presence in california hot even if it is a marketing office., have thousands of affiliates in california and cut ties with them after the passage of the law. watching wall street right now, a slight rebound after yesterday's 151 point drop. the dow was up 22 right now to >> 12,527> the time is 1850 a m. >> things are getting sunny in the east bay. take a look at mt. tam. this was a solidly get of
8:51 am
low clouds and fog. we're starting to see some breaks. there is some good news. inland and in the south bay, you are seeing some sun. it is a cold start. fog and drizzle of there, we are dealing with that for the next week or so. partly cloudy and color this afternoon with tenders getting into the mid- 70s. this evening as we go to bed, overnight the fall will roll back and into tomorrow will start the same way as we start this morning with all began to drizzle. let's take a look at the fall. (a pass at 10:00 a.m. we will see fall hundred and at least to oakland in those communities along the eastern shore of the day. by about 3:00 p.m. it will pull back enough that oakland will see sunshine. it looks like san francisco and coastal communities will stay under need to a low cloud cover and then pushed back in by 8:00 p.m. in the evening indigo they area and wide when is something else that we are watching today.
8:52 am
currently 10 mi. per hour winds at san francisco airport. we are also falling temperatures. we're starting to see them to warm up. antioch is now at 62 degrees. san jose at 58. 53 in san francisco, 54 in santa rosa and san rafael. " this is how the temperature chart will look. 70's in the north bay in the wine country, 70's in the delta and livermore valley.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> needless to and this has a date with a marine. she was up promoting her new movie and she accepted an invitation to the marine corps ball. if she is accompanying sergeant's got more to the ball in north carolina. he posted a video on youtube asking include this to be his days and she said
8:58 am
>> we are back in the two minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. a programming note to tell you about this friday, nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m..
8:59 am
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top stories we're talking about this hour >> will be live on the scene where this car went into of fire station >> and the protest concerning a fatal shooting by a bart police officer 222222 we are seeing quite a bit a drizzle out there this morning i little bit breezy today as well we're and show you the fog and what to
9:02 am
expect. it will hang out by the coast for the better part of the day wide spread fog overnight >> i slowdown hotspot it is to the approach on the dumbarton bridge that's why we're calling it a hotspot. it would've been how much easier ride at this time of day. >> p g and e will not be settling with the pipeline. this is video from the blast or last year. more on what p
9:03 am
g and e are is planning >> the reason they don't want a settlement accord it will cost them more money they want to put it in that lands of the jurors the barricades are still in place. we wanted you to get all little closer to this team who it looks pretty much the same as it did 10 months ago character we did get chance to talk to one of the victims of this gas explosion with. she told us that pg&e is accusing the victims of being the cause of the explosion i just started this
9:04 am
morning and i am speechless it shocks me that they are trying to pass on or what ever they are trying to do it will come to an end soon enough >> where your home destroy damaged? >> while was destroyed and now we are moving on to the next phase and rebuild. >> she is not the only one that that is shot by this. pg&e said there was some of third party involved with this explosion. pg&e is not saying how the victims could of been part of the problem. they are also thinking back that san bruno so where
9:05 am
problem may have caused the gas problem. it could have been affected well tame. they had taken out full-page ads saying they were starting and now they are turning around. >> the bar committee will be meeting today on the fatal shooting of von homeless man you're seeing some of the protest that happened yesterday. there you see the man trying to get on top of the train patients were closed down for a period of time but ever thing is open and running today.
9:06 am
>> we're talking about it on our facebook page and this is some other comments . you've been showing up in on this discussion if you go to our facebook page gen like us. >> new-line pictures from mt. tam cam in san raphael there is lot of smoke coming out of the area. we will bring this news to u.s. soon as we have it into our newsroom. >> we will get more
9:07 am
information on net and we will be right back and this is all look from our roof cam rocklin still have heavy fog.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
a quick check of your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it all changes by the weekend lots of sunshine. >> or to wishing could be going up for california state university students. the board is current to consider raising the big tuition by 12 percent. this is already on top of a 10% increase they have already approved. this is what the
9:11 am
tuition will cost >> san jose is slashing their work force by 14 percent. according to a report by bloomberg it could start by the end of this summer. >> the house will be voting this afternoon it would turned over to erna energy act. in far less sate new bulbs walt save and millions of energy cost.
9:12 am
>> the dow jones industrial is down. >> from our mt. tam cam it looks like there is a fire somewhere and when we get the details will bring them to you will be right backer
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
we are following a fire in san raphael this is the marin that mazda dealership the amount of smoke has dissipated and we are continuing to get new information. more informations as it comes into the newsroom. >> and out all look at all
9:16 am
hotspot on 680. the backup has improved. you're going to see slower than usual traffic. a new problem end won a one on no. bound one as it heads out to 25th to lanes are blocked. we will look at the bridges eight
9:17 am
has been a normal commute. the san mateo bridge is a clear ride and the golden gate bridge a little slowing add the toll plaza that is the only delay. more on the fog and how much longer ripple be with us. >> a very similar forecast to what we saw yesterday. we will see some breeze of sunshine later on in the
9:18 am
afternoon. we are expecting another night of wide spread fog. the fog should last killed the 10:00 a.m. our. we've also been dealing with bill little bit of a windy weather this is a our look of the current wind speeds. temperatures are sitting in the '50s and '60s. not much
9:19 am
movement in the afternoon temperatures it'll be in the upper 60s lows '70s for most of the area. this is sent look at your seven day forecast we will continue with the patter of fog and drizzle in the morning hours and the weather will change by the weekend and start warming up. >> new details on the sudden death of a 14 year-old black teenager. she and three friends what apparently drank vodka of mixed with soda around 2:00 a.m. her
9:20 am
mother found two of her friends bought in and they thought it was food poisoning. the paramedics were called when the child was unresponsive in the morning. >> she is not the type of person you would expect to do something like aaron i think it was just as there of the moment than she is a really good person she is always have been. she always wants to make sure you make their right choices. >> the sheriff's department is unclear if there and a charge the parents.
9:21 am
>> the family of the missing nursing student michele lee has increased the reward for our return. the reward now is at a hundred thousand dollars they have been searching royal areas. they are treating her disappearance as a homicide. >> we are gonna keep you posted on a fire that we saw on san raphael this is from our mt. tam cam. they are saying is coming from a car dealership as soon as we get all the information we will pass along to your we will be right back
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
good morning and welcome back we want show you the
9:25 am
end of this chase. this was a dramatic $1 pursued in l.a. last night. instead of stopping the driver took offic. and they're easy the officers coming up to the car and got the driver out no one was hurt in the jays arid >> very hot weather in the east. this will are pictures of a condo fire in weighing the new jersey. the firefighters were suffering from heat exhaustion from a high temperatures.
9:26 am
temperatures were up in the hundreds yesterday from georgia to taxes. in are a stock they were trying to stay cool also bear in we will keep our eyes on wall street with real granite table look at the golden gate bridge and the fog is stock right there. and traffic seems to be moving pretty
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
that shot this morning is the chain let expressway the fog is just ain't what in the bay area cooler temperatures into the afternoon we will see a little bit of all warm up as we head into the afternoon. >> we have been tracking and accident at cross overdrive it was a hot spot go but there is not much of the back up. the police department is still on scene. i will have more traffic and a complete check coming >> pg&e will not be selling with victims in the
9:30 am
individual lawsuits that were filed. welch ran is in the neighborhood right now. what >> pg&e is doing they're blaming the victims in this we're not sure how the victims were involved. we are on top of the air where the gas line exploded they are still rebuilding in this never would you can still see the barricades in place. many people are choosing not to come back here. especially 65 a pg&e is saying they may have caused the explosion.
9:31 am
>> i cannot believe i just heard it this morning i am speechless i cannot say anything about appearing that they are trying to pass this on a will, to an end soon enough. now we will rebuild. >> people weren't set pg&e had been selling the past 10 months they even took a full-page ad saying they were sorry. federal investigators said it could of been faulty welding. now
9:32 am
10 months later they are responding to the lawsuits that third party was involved and could have played a role in the explosion. >> another story we are also forging you may have to pay a little bit more in tuition if you want to go to the university stay in a word sitting. >> dunes here at the san jose campus are facing the latest in a line of increases. of five under and $88 increase their in some
9:33 am
students and their parents said that this increase would really hurt. >> especially if it is coming out of pocket. >> my family is already going through a rough time we almost lost our house. >> of our facebook fan page we are holding a poll on add the tuition hikes. this is a couple of the responses. if
9:34 am
you would like to join on our facebook in our discussion just go to our facebook page join us and your comments may be red on the air. >> we have been watching live pictures of from the mt. tam cam. we no longer see the smoke we were told it was a car dealership. we are assuming a things are under control we do have a cruel on their way to the scene. >> the memoir of jaycee dugard 0 will be coming out today she was kidnapped as a child and held hostage for
9:35 am
18 years her book is called a stolen life. she also had our first big interview on sunday with diane sawyer and told her how she coped with years of sexual abuse. she gave birth to her daughter when she was 14 years of age. cady calloway a hall guido's first victim was at reassuring did that should be notified if he ever got out of jail this never happened and he tracked her down to a casino in top zero where she was working.
9:36 am
>> the voice that can't in everything about him and he told me i haven't had a cocktail and 11 years cady i just wanted to scream. they told us he was a sick puppy and that he would not come after me. i was scared to death who could i go and tell so what i did is i went home quit my job and moved. she was >> she was terrified that he would attack her and she was upset when she heard ticket jaycee dugard was kidnapped. they both pled guilty he and his wife and they are
9:37 am
serving prison time right now. >> i'm mad almost falls from the stands at a baseball park once again. will have more of these details and to after the break. have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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call anthem blue cross today at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352. off and try to catch a ball at the there you see him trying falling down we're resuming in to get a closer look. there you can see his friends holding on to him as he is going over the side of the railing head buried this man could have had the same fate as the man in texas. and you see if this happened last night. this happened in
9:41 am
phoenix his friends were able to grab him. >> have a news sweepstakes to tell you about. code or face but fan page for entering the kobe e. reeder.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
this is a shot of the golden
9:46 am
gate bridge we will have to get used to this pattern by the afternoon we will have of some sunshine and overnight the fog will return. we will have fog and drizzle once again tomorrow morning this is look at our fault tracker as it progresses into the afternoon. it will be more widespread as it heads into the evening our. we are seeing breezy conditions in
9:47 am
the delta area. current temperatures around the bay area appearance not much movement in the temperatures for later on at this afternoon and upper 60s city's lower '70s. overall cool forecast for the afternoon. this is a look of your seven day forecast that temperatures will change starting on saturday and we will turn a little bit warm. >> one of the warmer areas are around the bay area and
9:48 am
was a hot spot out of walnut everything has cleared out by now. we will finish up with a bridge check and the bay bridge oil alone that of the back up nothing major. the san mateo bridge has been problem free and marin even late in the commute the golden gate bridge is not a
9:49 am
problem in the west bound direction. time now 9:49 a.m.. >> at texas rep saying he will retire from congress when his term runs out in 2012 and he will concentrate on his campaign for president. he will serve out his term and that is the very latest. >> first of to set funeral services for former first lady betty for will be held later on this afternoon in southern california. a lot
9:50 am
of dignitaries and former first ladies will be present. former president bill clinton at planned on being there all but mechanical problems prevented him from taking off in the plane. betty ford died at the age of 93 on friday. we >> are learning that the half a brother who of the president of afghanistan was killed by his own body guard. president karzai said his hat with his brother's assassination is the same as the suffering of all afghani hands.
9:51 am
there are reports that the cia iran phony vaccination reports in order to find out if been laud was in town. the doctor who ran this program has been are arrested and is in pakistan the custody. the second missile attack has killed 13 militants in pakistan. this is one of the main source of tension. >> in assyrian catholic protesters broke windows and spray graffiti on the
9:52 am
embassy. the french foreign minister said a three employees were injured and they are accusing syrian forces of being too slow to respond. >> and a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. there is still seeing thick fog hang around the area. ♪
9:53 am
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welcome back new did tell us wants californians to overturn a new law that they would have to pay sales tax. it was signed by the governor in
9:56 am
late june. if they have any physical president passed in california they would have to pay the tax. we're watching wall street their option right now. >> police have arrested a stalker at the, talley barry. the on duty officers were called after she called 911. he is the same person that showed up in her backyard on saturday and sunday. >> after the broadcast we
9:57 am
have dr.phil coming ups so deeply here on kron 4 and you will see dr.phil in two minutes back here tomorrow. how we used a warm today and we're leaving you with some live shots of some very thick fog hope you have a good day.
9:58 am
9:59 am

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